Our History


The story begins with an adventure around a passion and a sense of discovery and innovation where Pierre meets a very courteous young woman, with a rare and very attractive style, with whom love justifies everything. Silhouette of dream, dress at the waist, with the wrist a silver bracelet with a very artistic decor, his signature? Love

We are Justine, Marion and Pierre, three childhood friends, passionate about fashion and luxury jewelery. And we put all our enthusiasm and skills to create a unique brand, close to our style and our values.

What drives us is the creation of sumptuous pieces with singular lines, made with care and meaningful. We want to remain independent and offer our collections at the fairest prices, that's why we develop mainly on the internet.


Sailing through the shops of the capital in search of a wonderful gift to offer to his beloved, to strengthen the intimate bond that unites them forever, Peter has a thousand and one ideas in mind. What can be offered that is the symbol of a lasting love? A jewel of course. But not just any! Jewelery, everyone in the door and all varieties. All couples offer them.
So, what jewel would be appropriate for a couple who wants to continue their love? Then, walking, tired of not finding an answer, she found on the floor a beautiful and beautiful bracelet that she picked up right away. She wonders: And why not a bracelet?
It's a shame that the jewels are reserved for the sufficiently rich people, and Pierre must go to the evidence. This is how a Silver Bracelet story was born. An odyssey that will never be ready to end ...